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Friday, June 10, 2005


Most of these "meme" things get on my nerves, but this one seemed interesting, especially for a group blog where we can compare and contrast answers. Please post your own answers if you feel like it.

List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can't really understand the fuss over. To use the words of Caesar (from History of the World Part I), "Nice. Nice. Not thrilling...but nice."

1) Star Wars - I think this might be part of a broader lack of fascination with sci-fi and fantasy. I mean, I loved the stuff as a kid, and there's no underestimating the power of synergy between movies, toys, and breakfast cereals. But now, seeing the original movies again, they just seem . . . *eh*. The originals are clearly superior to the new ones, but I have difficulty getting worked up about any of them.

2) DIY Television - Watching "Real Life" shows on TLC or "How-to" shows on the Food Network, there's only so much I can take. I mean, it's not like they are bad shows (Alton Brown notwithstanding) but they are just like, is there something better on?

3) Sensationalism as News - Michael Jackson. Scott Peterson. Lindsay Lohan. Robert Blake. Young attractive women being kidnapped. All of these things are not news, or at least not MAJOR news, but are headline stories because of their entertainment value. I just ignore it all. This means I can't watch television news anymore, but who my age does anyway? When someone says "I am so sick of this Katie Holmes / Tom Cruise stuff," I just think, turn it off. Then (maybe) they won't show it anymore.

4) Alias - One too many "but wait, it's not this, it's THIS!" for me. See also ten years ago: X-Files.

5) SUVs - I just don't get it. More expensive, takes more fuel, no additional cargo space than a sedan. Really seems obscene to me. My cost benefit sensors go off the rictor. The people I know who buy these must have gentler egos than I expect.

Five things I can't understand why some people I roll with don't go all gaga over:

1) Comic Books - Obviously. To me, comics are a distinct artform, separate from say music or prose or motion pictures. And to me, it is the artform I can relate to the most. But it flies under the radar of most people, even though most people I know enjoy a number of different art forms through radio, tv, books, and the internet.

2) Discovering New Music - The best part of having satellite radio is listening to the stations that frequently play new stuff. Yeah, I won't like all of it, but I get to hear some great music that I wouldn't otherwise hear, and to me that's like living only half-way. Just seems like people reach a certain age where they either only listen to the music of a decade ago or only listen to music that corporations decide should be distributed.

3) Purchasing Music - For better or for worse, it is no longer seen as rational to pay for music when it is available illegally for free. Guaranteed way to get funny looks: say that you downloaded some music to decide whether to buy the album or not. It's just my way, I guess.

4) NPR News - News about things that really affect my life and the state of the world. How cool is that? Way cool.

5)Twisted Animation - "Wow, that was messed up. There's no way they could ... HOLY FUCK! They did NOT just do that! Oh they did! That is so ... WOW." Because sometimes, it feels good to "go there," when "there" is stuff that no one else expects or is humanly possible.


  • I sent this to a couple of people in my department.

    Dan's answers:

    List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can't really understand the fuss over:

    Pop music - Perhaps I'm getting old, but I don't think that's the reason for this. I didn't like pop music very much when I was younger, either. It's just too commercialized. McDonald's actually sponsored a Justin Timberlake song recently, along the lines of "I'm lovin' it" and they shot the commercial at the same time as the music video. Blech.

    Television - Aside from sporting events and some obscure cable shows, there is so little worthwhile on tv lately. Again, it's excessively marketed and so mainstream that it lacks originality in general.

    Fashion - I'm all about trying to be neat and professional at a reasonable level, but brand name purchases seem frivolous to me. It's pretty much the same for makeup, lots of jewelry, and short-lived, trendy items. In a broader sense, this could be the 'having the newest version of everything' category since it applies to some of my friends obsession with all kinds of gadgets and toys.

    Bars/Clubs - I never understood the whole bar/club scene. Some of my friends go out every chance they can, but I don't enjoy it much. I'd rather have a beer at home with friends while watching the game.

    Excessive consumption - SUV's, McMansions that all look the same, keeping up with the Jones'es, people who live in the trailer park across the street and drive Escalades, huge credit card balances, etc. What's the point?

    Five things I can't understand why some people I roll with don't go all gaga over:

    Personal finance - I can't believe how many people my age don't understand their 401(k), don't know what an IRA is, can't get an appropriate mortgage, abuse their credit and end up slaves to their jobs. The worst part is that it's an essentially free education via the internet.

    Fitness - You only get one body, so we should take care of it. It feels better to be fit and healthy than not.

    Travel - I don't mean Travel Channel tourism. Rather, I mean camping, road trips, getting outside, seeing things and having experiences thathave some greater meaning. The only people who live in Michigan don't know better. Also, as Michelle says, how can I know where I want to go when I haven't ever been anywhere?

    Poker - Okay, most of my friends love poker. However, they ALL should. Poker is awesome.

    Simple Living - When you remove all of the clutter and unnecessary obligations from life and focus on the things that you truly enjoy, you appreciate daily life a lot more. Most of the people I know, including myself sometimes, fill every moment of every day with things to do and stuff to take care of. I can't help but wonder if they'd be happier if they just slowed down a bit and enjoyed what they're doing and who they're with.

    By Blogger chasdom, at June 13, 2005 at 9:47 AM  

  • Christen's answers:

    Things I'm not wild about that everyone else is:
    1. Golf
    2. Playstation 2, X box, etc...
    3. American Idol
    4. Basketball
    5. The current goings on of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or any young actress/singer/whatever who parties a lot and has implants.

    Things I am totally into that no one else is:
    1. Cross stitch
    2. Ikea
    3. Camping
    4. Crossword Puzzles
    5. Liking a ton of different kinds of music. (All my friends tend to like just one genre).

    By Blogger chasdom, at June 13, 2005 at 9:48 AM  

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